R&D Tax Credits: How Easy R&D supports you between claims

Research and development (R&D) tax credits providers often want to process as many claims as possible to reach their targets and collect their share of HMRC’s payments. This process can be a rushed and unrewarding experience for you: their client.

R&D Tax Credits: How Easy R&D supports you between claims | Easy R&D

R&D Tax Credits

Our Managing Director, Darren Wilmot, likened that approach to going to a restaurant and only getting an hour before you have to free up your table for another customer. 

“One of the main frustrations I hear from people looking for an R&D tax credits specialist is that it’s all about volume — not quality,” he explained.

“We’re not that company. It matters where you make your R&D tax credits claims, and we’re all about providing you with the best customer journey possible”.


Our relationship with you has a starting point where we discover if your business is eligible for the government’s R&D tax credits scheme. 

If you’re creating new products, services or processes, or modifying existing ones, there’s a good chance your company qualifies — no matter which industry you’re in. After the initial claim, we hope our relationship will last for many years. 

Smarter decisions

We’ll be there for you between claims — helping you make informed decisions about your company’s spending. We can work on your technical report throughout the year — meaning we’re capturing your R&D in real-time in our state-of-the-art Easy Portal rather than looking for information that’s months or years old. By the time of your following claim, we’ll have meticulous records and a strong R&D narrative to present to HMRC.

Services and resources

The assistance available to you lessens the time you need to put into the process of claiming R&D tax credits to 5–6 hours. We make signing off your R&D tax credits claim an easy decision for HMRC’s tax inspectors to make.

A final word

“As a business owner, you’ll no doubt welcome cash injections”, Darren added. 

“The R&D tax credits scheme isn’t an application — it’s an entitlement. The government encourages you to keep innovating because it keeps Great Britain competitive on the world stage”. 

“With Easy R&D, you’ll get a partner that gains a real understanding of your business from the outset. How we help you during and in between claims is what sets us apart and will help you get maximum return on your R&D tax credits — year in, year out”.

You can take the first step to putting valuable funds back into your business by getting in touch with us here.


Every customer and every claim we work with benefits from our deep expertise in how HMRC manages R&D tax credit applications. 

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