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Part five: your ‘why’ questions answer

In Easy R&D’s final instalment of taking R&D tax credits back to basics, we answer some of your ‘why’ questions surrounding the world of R&D tax relief.

Why did the government put the R&D tax credits scheme in place?

  • They want to reduce the figure of 90% of businesses failing in the first five years
  • R&D tax credits have the power to heighten a business’s chances of survival and also enhance growth, which means more taxes and a boosted economy
  • The government’s return on investment (ROI) is around £2.50 for every £1 spent on the scheme

Why do we need Easy R&D when we can claim ourselves?

We do all the complexities that go into claiming so that you can get back to winning business for your following R&D claim. We keep HMRC’s investigation to a minimum and will only involve you if absolutely necessary. We’ll only need a few hours of your time throughout the whole process: a small sacrifice for a significant return.

Why can’t our accountant claim our R&D tax relief?

If you’re simply telling your accountant what to claim, then it’s likely you’ll be significantly understating the R&D that you’ve undertaken. 

If you’ve already submitted a claim with an accountant, we can give you a free audit for the last two calendar years from the end of your company’s financial period.

Why Easy R&D?

Claiming R&D tax relief is a niche. We built our whole business around qualified tax accountants, skilled technical report writers and flawless claim processes to ensure your claims are successful — with maximum return. Averaging £54,000 per claim, we could even help you reduce your corporation tax bill to zero. 

You’ll get a personalised, dedicated consultant based close to your HQ. They’ll probe your company’s activities on a technical level — prompting you to reveal the true extent of your company’s R&D. 

Our fee is dependent on a successful claim. We have a 100% success record, meaning that every claim we’ve submitted has been paid. Should HMRC not pay out, then there will be no charge to you. The fee we charge covers an end-to-end service. We’re completely transparent, and there are no hidden costs. Even though you pay us a fee, you’ll end up with more money due to how we’ll maximise your claim.

And that’s a wrap on with the five Ws. We hope we’ve made the world of R&D tax credits clearer for you. If you have any questions that we haven’t answered, please check out our FAQs or get in touch


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