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Part four: your ‘where’ questions answered

Easy R&D finds work that qualifies for the government’s generous research and development (R&D) tax credits scheme in the most unlikely of places. No matter which industry you’re in, we’ll probe your day-to-day goings-on to reveal the true extent of your R&D activity. 

Claiming for R&D tax relief can be complex. It’s all about looking at what you do from a different view, which is where we come in to ensure no eligible costs go amiss or are underclaimed.  

In part four of taking R&D tax credits back to basics, we answer some of your common ‘where’ questions. 

Where does qualifying R&D take place?

The government’s criteria for claiming are purposefully broad. If your company is making improvements to existing products, processes or services — or creating new ones — you could be eligible. Costs you can claim back include:

  • staff costs (salaries, reimbursed expenses, National Insurance, pensions, contractors and agency staff)
  • software
  • utilities
  • consumables
  • clinical trials

— and more.

Where will my Easy R&D consultant be based?

Your dedicated, personal consultant will be based close to your HQ. They’ll ask all the right questions and gain a thorough understanding of your R&D company’s activities.

Where do we fit into the R&D claims process?

Our experienced consultants, qualified tax professionals, and skilled technical report writers will handle the entire claims process — keeping the time you need to put in to an absolute minimum.

R&D tax credits come in five Easy steps:

  • Step one: we’ll find out if you’re eligible for R&D tax credits through a free consultation with one of our expert consultants
  • Step two: we’ll introduce you to our easy-to-use Claim Portal
  • Step three: we’ll analyse your R&D data
  • Step four: it’s time to submit your claim
  • Step five: this is the good bit; you get paid

We’ll only need roughly 4–6 hours of your time so that you can get back to doing what you do best: winning more business that qualifies for the R&D tax credits scheme.

Averaging £54,000 per claim, you’ll get a service built around flawless processes to ensure your R&D claims are robust and successful — with maximum return.

If you don’t think the work you do counts as R&D, then you could be wrong.

If you do believe the work you do counts as R&D, then you could well be right.

Contact us today, and we’ll find out for sure.


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