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Whether you’re new to R&D tax credits or an experienced claimant we can help you to make the most of this positive tax incentive.

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New to R&D Tax Credits | Easy R&D

First time making a claim?

When you first start planning an R&D Tax Credit claim it can look daunting. Our expert team have helped 100's of first time claimants to make the most of this important Tax Credit scheme.

We will help you at every step of the process.

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Already claiming R&D Tax Credits | Easy R&D

Already claiming R&D Tax Credits?

Many of our clients already have experience making a claim but look at Easy R&D to make the process a lot more efficient or to get an expert review of their eligible expenditure and activity. 

We often uncover untapped opportunities for both current and previous year claims.

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R&D tax credits explained

You could be receiving generous R&D tax credits from the government to spend how you choose. You may be surprised to find out how your innovation investment might already qualify.

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Making R&D Tax Credits Easy

You can claim back up to 33% of your eligible R&D spend, and both profitable and unprofitable companies are eligible.

For a clear and simple guide to what R&D Tax Credits are and whether your company is eligible, download our PDF.

R&D Tax Credit Calculator

Our Easy R&D tax credit calculator will help give you an estimate of what it could be worth to your business

Select your business type

Select your financial position

Estimate your R&D spend per year

£ 50 000
£ 250 000
£ 500 000
£ 1 000 000

This simple tool gives a useful indication of the potential R&D Tax Relief for your business, but an online calculator cannot substitute expert advice, and a rigorous collaborative assessment of your company’s R&D investment. If you want to discuss your R&D Tax Relief options with an Easy R&D expert, we’re here to help.

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We make claiming R&D Tax Credits easy

The definition of R&D is wider than you might think. Qualifying activity is likely to include creating new products, processes, software or services or modifying existing ones. But it doesn’t all need to be cutting edge science.

Staff Costs

Apportion your employee costs (salary, national insurance and employer pension)


Include any software purchased for R&D purposes. Apportioned costs if there is any subsequent use


Claim 65% of what you paid your R&D subcontractor

Utilities & Consumables

Add up water, fuel, power and material used in the project


Include all R&D prototypes

Easy 5 step process

We make claiming simple with a 5-stage process we will support you through on every step:



A free consultation



Our Easy Claims Portal records your R&D data



We’ll uncover the true extent of your R&D — ensuring no eligible costs are missed



We’ll only involve you if absolutely necessary



You can use the cash as you feel is best for your business

Easy R&D Referrals Programme

Referring | Easy R&D
Referring contacts so they can benefit from R&D tax credits is an Easy R&D win-win
£ | Easy R&D
When you refer an eligible company they can receive a substantial tax credit
Plus | Easy R&D
Easy R&D will do the hard work, you will receive a generous portion of the referred claim

We're with you every step of the way

Our dedicated team of consultants  and customer support experts will be with you throughout the claim process and then will help you with ongoing studies of your R&D activities and with enhancing your record keeping to optimise future claims

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