R&D at Whartons Nurseries

Whartons Nurseries are a garden rose powerhouse cultivating 1.5 million plants each year, the largest wholesale grower in the UK. Each week they deliver stock to over 700 garden centres and mail order wholesalers from their range of 400 varieties.

Paul Wharton, Director at Wharton Nurseries, explained about his company’s research and development.

“We’re a specialist grower and our key areas of operation include production, land management, varietal testing and pest control. To bring new products to market we have to develop our own pesticide solutions in-house. These have to not only benefit the plants but also comply with regulations and our desire to preserve nature.

We had heard of the HMRC R&D Tax Credit scheme and thought it might apply to us. Through a recommendation by a friend, we started talking to Easy R&D. They quickly helped us shine a light on our business and realise the true extent of the R&D we had been carrying out. But nothing had been claimed back from HMRC.

Easy R&D’s input helped us make a large claim which resulted in a substantial tax repayment from HMRC. This money is put back into R&D to help us grow the very best garden roses whilst retaining our leading position in the UK market.

It’s a shame we did not start working with Easy R&D earlier, but we look forward to working on the claims in the future with them!”

Making a claim

Easy R&D have helped hundreds of companies with R&D tax relief claims including the agricultural and horticulture sectors. Contact your nearest R&D Consultant to see if you can claim – 0800 195 7516