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Company overview

Providing best of breed services, software and support, Ebix Europe is the business and technical expert within electronic messaging communications in the insurance and reinsurance markets.

Based in the City of London, they connect Underwriters and Brokers using ACORD XML and other messaging standards.

Sector: IT & Software
Location: London

Jeff Ward (VP Business Development, Ebix Europe) commented:

“The R&D Tax Relief scheme had been brought to our attention before, but we felt that being a software and services provider it would be a very difficult task and that we may not qualify. We also contemplated the potential downside of burning a great deal of time, money and effort with no guarantee of success. When we spoke to Easy R&D it was immediately apparent that the Consultant possessed a real in-depth understanding of IT and its particular relevance to the R&D Tax Credit legislation.

From a standing start we received a highly significant tax repayment within just 6 weeks and we would be happy to act as a reference at any time.”

If you’d like to enquire about claiming tax relief on your R&D projects, please contact us for a free consultation.