Company overview

Project 64 create high-quality packaging and supporting materials to support the launch of their clients’ products.

The team at Project 64 undertook projects that involved significant work on their existing packaging. As a result, the team faced uncertainty due to the extremely high level of quality and consistency required. It is this type of uncertainty experienced in a project which qualify this under HMRC’s definition of R&D for the R&D tax credits scheme.

Video Narrative

What did you know about R&D tax relief before you contacted Easy R&D?

“My knowledge on R&D tax relief was sort of mediocre and it came on my radar through one of our suppliers. They have been through a similar process with Easy R&D and they make a recommendation or referral that Easy R&D should contact us. When we looked at our year end accounts we realised we had a sizeable corporation tax liability. Obviously we were looking at ways to reduce that and one of those was looking at an R&D claim.”

What sort of R&D activity were you doing as a business?

“We had some complex projects on the digital side. For example work with a Wealth Management firm in Taunton – we had to build some very complicated online calculator tools, with a significant amount of research and development. and that made up a  large part of the claim.”

Why did you choose to work with Easy R&D?

“Easy R&D visited us, met the team and we got on immediately. There was an immediate win-win situation for both parties and we signed up straightaway.”

What was the process of working with Easy R&D like?

They were fantastic and I couldn’t rate them highly enough. They are very helpful, always at the end of phone, email and they helped with variety of the [technical] articles themselves.  I couldn’t recommend them highly enough, they were brilliant.

What was the outcome?

“The outcome for us was a sizable claim which had a significant impact on our cash flow and it just make the year a lot easier to get to get though. Rather than knowing you’ve got this great big corporation tax bill looming nine months after year end. It actually made that down to zero for us so it was a fantastic process to go through.”

If you’d like to enquire about claiming tax relief on your R&D projects, please contact us for a free consultation.