london underground

Company overview

Shelley Engineering is a metal manufacturing company. Their team possesses specialist knowledge covering all aspects of metal manufacturing and this focus led to them having the knowledge and capacity to take on over 1500 individual projects, of which 125 were classified as R&D projects. In addition, a significant fraction of the R&D effort involved the further enhancement and refinement of existing systems, as well as other less specific R&D activities.

Sector: Manufacturing
Location: Surrey

Shelley Engineering’s R&D Projects

Shelley Engineering embarked on a project for The London Underground which is infamous for being too hot during the summer. The high temperatures are primarily a result of the depth and size of the tunnels which has meant that there is inadequate space for the heat to dissipate along with there being more trains generating heat than ever before compounding the issue further. ​

​Shelley Engineering were tasked with a problem relating to the air conditioning tanks used in the trains which were leaking and cracking on a regular basis due to the constant expansion and contraction of the tanks caused by temperatures changes. The temperature would routinely change from an average of 30 degrees Celsius underground during the summer to an average of 5 degrees over-ground in the winter and would often spike over these periods. ​

​The team at Shelley Engineering sought to reduce the deterioration of the tanks by reviewing and improving the construction methods and materials used in making the tanks. ​

They had to embark on a multi-stage iterative process of investigating, engineering, prototyping, and testing in order to produce tanks that achieved the best balance of temperature resistance and overall durability versus the cost and ease of production. ​

Easy R&D successfully claimed 20.3% of R&D qualifying costs for Shelley Engineering.

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