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Rannoch Adventure provides high quality and innovative boats to the ocean and recreational rowing communities.

To stay on top of all their concepts and push the boundaries of what is achievable with renewable/sustainable powered waterborne travel, Rannoch constantly engages in development of new projects, most of which have never been attempted before.

Sector: Boat building
Location: Essex


During the first conversation, we could see that the company were uncertain about R&D tax claims and whether the activities undertaken in their normal business of making marine vessels, qualified for tax relief. Rannoch were also concerned about how to identify the cost related to their projects and how to support the R&D tax claim with a technical narrative.

We decided that an onsite visit was required to discuss their project in greater detail and to explain how the R&D tax claim process worked.


Firstly, the claim process was outlined to Rannoch followed by a discussion on the types of companies that the scheme was aimed at.

This became a light bulb moment when Rannoch realised that their normal business activity was actually R&D.  Rannoch were excited by the prospect of being able to benefit significantly from the scheme and discussed a number of R&D projects that were undertaken in the previous two years as well as more projects that that were planned in the future.

“Working with Easy R&D has been a smooth and invaluable experience. The consultants were really helpful and knowledgeable and we have agreed to stick with them for future R&D tax claims. Knowing that R&D tax credit is available means that we can continue investing in more innovation projects going forward.”

Charlie Pitcher, Founder and Director
rannoch boat at sea


The entire process from start to finish was completed by Rannoch with our Consultants offering their knowledge and expertise. We provided professional technical report services to prepare the R&D project reports and Rannoch found this to be an invaluable support.

Additionally, we helped Rannoch understand each of their projects on a detailed level to uncover every area of R&D expenditure.

If you’d like to enquire about claiming tax relief on your R&D projects, please contact us for a free consultation.