Company overview

EJ Electronics is a business specialising in ultrasonic cleaning with over 20 years of experience and with units sold across Europe and the world.

EJ Electronics’ goal was to develop several novel variants and improvements on ultrasonic cleaning units to address gaps in the market. This required considerable research and development to improve efficiency, speed and productivity for our customers.

Sector: Manufacturing
Location: Worcestershire


An EU regulation which had come into place banning specific abrasive and harmful chemicals meant that EJ Electronics needed to find an alternative solution to overcome the ban.

The company were able to take advantage from a wealth of experience and knowledge in ultrasonic cleaning after acquiring another Ultrasonic company in a previous year, which allowed them to undertake work to design and manufacture their own new products going forward.

During the first meeting it became apparent that the company had heard of research and development claims but were unsure if they would qualify and what the process would be to make a R&D tax claim.


At the face-to-face meeting with EJ Electronics we went through HMRC’s tax credit scheme in detail and explained the types of activities which qualify. This was followed by a forensic investigation of each part of their operations to identify R&D qualifying activities and then the stages of the R&D tax claim process that needed to be followed.

Each qualifying R&D project was analysed in detail to extract information for technical reports submitted to HMRC as part of the tax claim process.

Finally, we helped the company input all the required information into our Client Portal and from there our tax specialist calculated and adjusted the tax position.


We’ve been really happy with the service from Easy R&D and we’ve spread the word to other companies that we think could also benefit from the tax claim. With the money we received we’ve invested in more research and development so we can stay ahead of the competition.

Lee Elliott, EJ Electronics
engine cleaned


From the initial R&D claim, EJ Electronics benefited from a two year carry-back claim. This allowed the company to reinvest in existing products in addition to expanding their product range. By successfully claiming R&D, the company has been able to stabilise its operation and this has opened up further opportunities for creative development and continued improvements of existing products.

The new ultrasonic units and cleaning tank systems have helped EJ Electronics acquire well-known clients such Specsavers and Francino Coffee as well as assisting in supplying a machine that was used to clean The FA Cup.

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