Walter Beek is Founder and CEO of Lemongrass Consulting which is one of the UK’s leading and most innovative SAP Netweaver service providers; stemming from a consultancy background the company quickly realised their clients also required innovative and agile technology solutions to reap the full benefit of their SAP investments.

“We had heard of the HMRC R&D Tax Credit scheme before and whilst we have undertaken some very tricky development we weren’t really aware that this scheme might actually apply to us.

As always the devil is in the detail and Andrew quickly identified the key areas for us to make a claim, resulting in a substantial tax repayment from HMRC.

The paradox is that to innovate is not necessarily to be undertaking R&D and in fact often the opposite is true: something that can seem at first glance to be quite routine can end up fitting the bill in R&D terms.

We look forward to working with Easy R&D into the future.”

Walter Beek – CEO, Lemongrass Consulting