Smartphone Protection Development

Pipetto are a market leading British brand known for its innovative and premium leather technology accessories.

​They embarked on a project aimed to create protective shells for the next generation of smartphones, which maintained the premium aesthetics and functionality of their magnetic phone cases. ​

​The project responds to Apple’s continued iteration towards thinner products and the inclusion of features such as wireless charging which have introduced significant engineering problems associated with the phone cases’ structural integrity, durability, and ability to withstand impacts. ​

​This new shift towards wireless charging was significant as the efficiency of power transfer is dependent upon the RF-characteristics of the case and how it attenuates the handset’s internal antenna, meaning that certain materials and coatings presented a higher risk of degrading the Apple device’s Wireless performance. ​

​There were no other products available globally that were both magnetic and compatible with wireless charging, which meant Pipetto had to embark on a multi-stage iterative process of engineering, prototyping, and testing of materials and product design. ​

Easy R&D successfully claimed 24.7% of R&D qualifying costs for Pipetto.