Easy R&D compliment the standard services of professional partners including accountants or financial advisers. There are no conflicts of interest as we do not provide general accountancy, funding finance or insurance services.

Easy R&D bridge the expertise gap between the average-size professional firm and a Top-10 national practice. The company works on a contingency fee basis so there is no risk for you or your client to engage us. Our larger partners can invite their client’s on to a co-branded R&D tax credit Claim Portal.

Client Service


We provide a professional service to clients and partners by locating our R&D Consultants in the field. Many of our experienced executives have run businesses themselves and the team have a wide range of industry sector knowledge.

Following your referral they’ll typically make an introductory call to your client. Then arrange to meet and become their single point of contact. Assuming your client wishes to proceed, they will be asked to sign an engagement agreement. That’s the first step of our 5 Easy Steps R&D tax credit claim process utilising the Easy R&D Claim Portal.

Our work doesn’t end with the initial claim, we will stay in touch with your client to ensure they continue to structure their operations to optimise R&D tax relief in subsequent years.

Referral Programme


Easy R&D run a referral programme to encourage advisors to refer their clients and other business opportunities. Many partners however prefer to waive any rewards in favour of their client. Our service offers technical and specialist tax expertise to maximise your client’s R&D tax relief claim with the Easy R&D Claim Portal.

Very occasionally (<1%) HMRC R&D Units issue questions and sometimes wish to visit a client. We will manage this at our cost until the claim is approved and have a 100% success rate across all claims.

We will always operate in your client’s interests and give you transparency of the R&D tax credit claim.

Jones Hunt & Keelings


“It’s given us an opportunity to offer R&D tax relief to our clients. There aren’t many firms in the local area offering that service, so it sets us apart.”

Alf Del Basso and Dom Maurello, Partners

Chartered Certified Accountants and Chartered Tax Advisors

In my experience Easy R&D have always been very professional and high quality. The clients I have referred have all been very complimentary about the service they received and I look forward to working more with them in the future.

David BuntingBunting & Co, Chartered Accountants