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Darren Wilmot

Managing Director

Darren joined Easy R&D as Sales Director before becoming Managing Director three months later, in March 2021. He spent 27 years working for big hitters in the vending industry before transferring his skills to the world of R&D tax credits. Darren’s motivational personality keep smiles on our faces, our careers at the top, and our customers’ experience top-notch.

Darren also oversees our R&D Consultants, who are based across the UK. Our R&D Consultants come with a wide range of commercial and R&D experience. Many have managed businesses themselves or have worked in R&D tax credits for many years.

Andrew Howarth

Founder & Director

Andrew launched Easy R&D in 2015 after experiencing an R&D tax relief claim. He is a serial entrepreneur on a quest to improve customer service with light-touch technology. Before Easy R&D he started StoreTech which continues to develop technology solutions for retailers. Clients include many high street brands in the UK and internationally.

Thorfinn Armstrong

R&D Consultant

“I feel the pain of business owners because I know how tough it can be to run one. That’s why I help them with R&D tax advice. The scheme is a blessing”.

Thorfinn is a bit of an entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses, which is how he became so knowledgeable about R&D. He cites the R&D tax credits scheme as what saved his businesses through those difficult four years before coming into profitability. Thorfinn is a military-trained formation skydiver — a training expedition he agreed to after a few drinks.

He was named after Thorfinn Torf-Einarsson — also known as Thorfinn Skull-splitter — a 10th-century Earl of Orkney. His mum saw the Viking warlord’s statue outside the Scottish hospital where Thorfinn was born and thought: “I’m having that”.

Mark Strydom

R&D Consultant

“I help clients receive substantial government support through R&D tax credits and add value to their bottom line that they weren’t expecting”.

Mark has a wealth of experience managing and developing client portfolios in various segments, plus capital equipment sales and leasing, expense reduction management, and the vending industry. As a native South African, Mark was a business owner before moving to Wales 27 years ago, so he understands first-hand the challenges business owners and leaders face to remain competitive. 

Mark enjoys cycling, rugby, and he recently converted a vehicle into a campervan for family holidays, which he threw everything at — including the kitchen sink.

Parveen Samplay

Head of Client Support

Parveen leads Easy R&D’s team of dedicated support personnel and technical report writers, along with being actively involved in systems development. Prior to Easy R&D, she completed a BA in Business Management and worked in Category Management for Time Inc, which involved data and insight analysis, client and process management. She is also in the process of completing her professional accounting qualification.

Madeline Oak

R&D Technical Claim Manager

Madeline has worked in R&D tax credits for 6 years, and has been involved in all of the stages of the process, from drafting the report and financial part of the claim, to reviewing and leading client meetings.

Within Easy R&D, Madeline is working as the R&D Technical Claim Manager and has taken responsibility of the reports function within the company. Madeline is currently working with the consultants to process the report requests, qualifying the claims and passing them onto the report writers. She then works with the team of report writers to manage the drafting of all of the reports before review and submission to HMRC.

Natalia Najzer

Client Support

Natalia has a vast background in global personal and public tax. She’s currently furthering her education with the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) — the professional body for qualified taxation.

Despite her claims that she can’t be much fun because she loves numbers so much, we beg to differ. As well as spreadsheets full of digits, Natalia enjoys travelling and the company of animals. She never goes back to the same place twice in her ambitious quest to tick off all the countries in the world.

George Jackaman

Client Support

George started his career as an apprentice in business admin before moving into accounts and then the world of R&D tax credits. He’s always thrived in client-facing roles, and we’re pleased to say that’s his speciality here at Easy R&D.

George lives close to Easy R&D’s HQ, has a love for Cyprus, is sporty, and enjoys sweating it out in the gym. 

Laura Bullman

Customer Success Executive

Laura has a wealth of account managing experience across a range of industries. She cites understanding companies’ different backgrounds and how they work as key to them receiving a best-in-class service.

From the age of 5 to 16, Laura played netball for school, club and county, so playing ‘Shoot the Hoop’ and winning giant teddies for her friends is no trouble. She also enjoys visiting cities to experience the different history, cultures, and, of course, wine.