Shelley Engineering R&D for London Underground

Special Air Conditioning Tank


Shelley Engineering are a specialist metal manufacturer who provide a bespoke end to end metalwork service, through from design, development, testing to programming and manufacturing​

​They embarked on a project for The London Underground which is infamous for being too hot during the summer. The high temperatures are primarily a result of the depth and size of the tunnels which has meant that there is inadequate space for the heat to dissipate along with there being more trains generating heat than ever before compounding the issue further. ​

​Shelley Engineering were tasked with a problem relating to the air conditioning tanks used in the trains which were leaking and cracking on a regular basis due to the constant expansion and contraction of the tanks caused by temperatures changes. The temperature would routinely change from an average of 30 degrees Celsius underground during the summer to an average of 5 degrees over-ground in the winter and would often spike over these periods. ​

​The team at Shelley Engineering sought to reduce the deterioration of the tanks by reviewing and improving the construction methods and materials used in making the tanks. ​

They had to embark on a multi-stage iterative process of investigating, engineering, prototyping, and testing in order to produce tanks that achieved the best balance of temperature resistance and overall durability versus the cost and ease of production. ​

Easy R&D successfully claimed 20.3% of R&D qualifying costs for Shelley Engineering.

Pipetto Smartphone Protection R&D

Smartphone Protection Development


Pipetto are a market leading British brand known for its innovative, functional and premium leather technology accessories.​

​They embarked on a project aimed to create protective shells for the next generation of smartphones, which maintained the premium aesthetics and functionality of their magnetic phone cases. ​

​The project responds to Apple’s continued iteration towards thinner products and the inclusion of features such as wireless charging which have introduced significant engineering problems associated with the phone cases’ structural integrity, durability, and ability to withstand impacts. ​

​This new shift towards wireless charging was significant as the efficiency of power transfer is dependent upon the RF-characteristics of the case and how it attenuates the handset’s internal antenna, meaning that certain materials and coatings presented a higher risk of degrading the Apple device’s Wireless performance. ​

​There were no other products available globally that were both magnetic and compatible with wireless charging, which meant Pipetto had to embark on a multi-stage iterative process of engineering, prototyping, and testing of materials and product design. ​

Easy R&D successfully claimed 24.7% of R&D qualifying costs for Pipetto.

Professional Accountancy & Accountex 2019

Easy R&D showcased their R&D tax credit UK-wide service at the Professional Accountancy conference, Birmingham, 18 & 19 September and Accountex, London 1 & 2 May 2019

Easy R&D use a 5 Easy Steps process to assist clients achieve a successful R&D Claim. The company have technical and specialist tax expertise to ensure claims are both maximised and robustly compiled to gain prompt HMRC approval.

Since our incorporation five years ago, we have expanded to being a UK-wide operation, with locally based sales consultants in all regions. We are a team of dedicated R&D tax credit professionals with technical knowledge gained from years of commercial experience across various industries, chartered accountants, technical report writers and central support personnel.

Examples of our recent successes include R&D claims for the Levis motorcycle pictured and others featured below.

BDI Ambulance

Next generation ambulance

This visually striking vehicle is designed to address the “See & Treat” strategy of the government, NHS and ambulance service. Half of all patients taken to A&E are not admitted to hospital so next generation ambulances need to save lives and provide mobile diagnostics and treatment. Easy R&D successfully claimed 33% of R&D qualifying costs for BDI.


Recycled glass buildings

Tufeco modular buildings (like the school pictured) are constructed from a composite material – a polymer concrete principally composed of silica sourced from recycled glass. Panels are manufactured off-site on an automated production line and require no extra insulation or structural support on installation. Easy R&D successfully claimed 33% of R&D qualifying costs for Tufeco.

Evergen Systems

Inner city pollution treatment

CityTree – the World’s first biotech filter for cleaning urban air pollution. CityTree has been installed in cities including Paris (pictured), Piccadilly Circus in London, Glasgow and Newcastle. It has the air purifying capability of 275 natural trees and can reduce harmful pollutants by up to 30%. Easy R&D successfully claimed over 24% of R&D qualifying costs for Evergen.

Accountant partnership

Many accountants make us their R&D tax relief partner of choice for innovative small to medium size businesses. Easy R&D technical and specialist tax expertise will maximise claims for your clients.

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