Research and development tax claims are designed to encourage greater R&D spending and investment in innovation. They work by either reducing your company’s liability to corporation tax or giving you a cash payment.

Our proven 5 Easy Steps tax claim process includes meeting an Easy R&D Consultant and submitting information online. We will guide you through the information needed for your R&D tax relief claim in the Easy R&D online portal. You can provide this online in your own time and at your own pace.

If you are an accountant then consider becoming an Easy R&D partner. Easy R&D are a member of HM Revenue & Customs’ (HMRC) R&D Consultative Committee – we bridge the expertise gap between the average accountant and a national practice. Our R&D Consultant will always be on hand to collaborate on the claim with you in the Easy R&D Claim Portal. Easy R&D also adheres to HMRC’s Standard for Agents.

Easy R&D’s average R&D tax claim is around £50,000. Over 1,000 have been submitted by our in-house team of chartered tax accountants and professional technical report writers.

Step 1 – Introduction

To begin your claim process, our R&D Consultant will call you to understand your research and development activities and arrange a visit to come and see you. At the meeting they’ll discuss your R&D projects and eligibility for tax relief.

Our service offers technical and specialist tax expertise to maximise R&D tax relief claims.

If you wish to take the next step we’ll send you an engagement agreement, authority to act as your agent and details about the Easy R&D Claim Portal.

Step 2 – Uploading Your Data

Using our Claim Portal you’ll be guided through a series of financial and technical questions. These include costs for things like utilities, staff, consumables and prototypes.

We’ll also ask you to upload the last 2 years full company accounts and corporation tax computations from your accountant. On the technical side we’ll prompt you to briefly describe your R&D activities and anything new you’d like us to consider since the initial meeting.

Our aim is to make this process as smooth and easy for you as possible.

Step 3 – Our Analysis of Your Data

Through our Easy R&D Claim Portal our experts will take the technical part of the information you’ve provided to ensure there is a robust R&D claim. At the same time a chartered tax accountant will assess the financial implications of the R&D project(s) and collate eligible costs for the claim.

Sometimes they will arrange a video conference call with you to work out how to strengthen the R&D narrative and maximise your claim.

Step 4 –  Submitting Your Claim

Our claims team will finalise your R&D tax credits claim. This includes technical information, eligible financial costs, revised CT600 corporation tax computations and a compliance summary.

After you’ve approved the finalised claim we will make a submission online to one of the specialist HMRC R&D units and liaise with them on any queries.

We take full responsibility for claiming on your behalf and will only involve you if absolutely necessary.

Step 5 – Receiving Your HMRC Credit

HMRC aim to turnaround SME R&D tax credit claims within 28 days. However, the length of time it takes for HMRC to review a claim will depend on the complexity of the claim, your accounts and the time of year.

After HMRC have processed and accepted your claim, they will notify either you or us and if a repayment is due a security check will be run on the selected payment method. The actual payment will follow in about 7 days.

For further R&D tax credit claims in subsequent years, our R&D Consultant will stay in touch to recommend any R&D project record keeping to help you when submitting future claims.

Still have questions?

Our FAQs address 35 key questions on R&D tax credits


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