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Creative Industry Tax Relief

Creative Industry Tax Relief (CITR) refers to a set of tax incentives introduced by the UK government to support businesses operating in creative industries. These tax reliefs are designed to encourage investment in sectors such as film, television, animation, video games, and theatre, fostering growth, innovation, and job creation within these industries.

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There are several types of Creative Industry Tax Relief schemes, each tailored to specific sectors:

  • Film Tax Relief: This relief supports the British film industry by providing tax incentives for eligible production companies involved in the production of films intended for theatrical release or distribution.
  • High-end Television Tax Relief: This relief aims to attract high-quality television productions to the UK by providing tax incentives for eligible television productions meeting specific criteria related to expenditure and cultural content.
  • Animation Tax Relief: This relief supports the animation industry by providing tax incentives for eligible animated productions that meet certain cultural and content criteria.
  • Video Games Tax Relief: This relief encourages the development of culturally British video games by providing tax incentives for eligible video game development companies.
  • Theater Tax Relief: This relief supports the theatrical production industry by providing tax incentives for eligible theatrical productions performed to a paying audience.

Each of these tax relief schemes offers eligible companies the opportunity to claim a proportion of their production costs as tax relief, reducing their tax liabilities. The exact criteria and rules for eligibility vary depending on the specific scheme.

To qualify for Creative Industry Tax Relief, productions must meet certain cultural and expenditure criteria outlined by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Additionally, companies must apply for certification from the British Film Institute (BFI) or other relevant certification bodies to confirm that their productions meet the necessary requirements.

Overall, Creative Industry Tax Relief schemes play a crucial role in supporting the growth and competitiveness of the UK's creative industries by providing financial incentives for investment and innovation.

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You can claim back up to 33% of your eligible R&D spend, and both profitable and unprofitable companies are eligible.

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