Easy R&D have worked with hundreds of small to medium companies. We help both established and emerging companies across a wide range of industries to claim research and development tax credit. If you are tackling uncertainties at your own risk we want to hear from you – we will help you claim R&D tax relief with our 5 Easy Steps process.

Here are some of our clients and partners talking about their experiences of working with us.

Project 64


“The outcome for us was a sizeable claim which had a significant impact on our cashflow.”

Matthew Hobbs, Co-founder and Director

Jones Hunt & Keelings


“It’s given us an opportunity to offer R&D tax relief to our clients. There aren’t many firms in the local area offering that service, so it sets us apart.”

Alf Del Basso and Dom Maurello, Partners

X1 Ltd


“We’ve done three years of R&D claims that were all successful. We bring that money back into the business and build it back into getting more R&D going to try and get more products and services out into the market.”

Tim Lance, Owner and Director

Pomerol Partners


“If you think there’s a chance you could be eligible then go with Easy R&D. It’s a no-brainer.”

Robert Matthews, CFO

Easy Online Accounting


“It’s a big benefit to hand the client over to Easy R&D, knowing the client will be taken care of. In the UK there are a lot of rules and it’s impossible for one accountant to know everything, so you need people that specialise.”

Jacques Steenkamp, Owner and Director


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