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PowerChord Limited have developed a unique proprietary technology, PEEX, that radically enhances the quality of the music experienced at live events. Their integrated technology, radio and earphone hardware transmits digital-quality sound from a concert’s audio feed, directly to audience members. Then the technology automatically synchronises the high-fidelity sound source played to the concert-goer with the ambient sound coming from the venue speaker system. 

The result for the PEEX users: a dramatic improvement in the quality of the audience’s audio experience irrespective of where they are in the auditorium or the acoustic quality of the space.


The Challenge

Developing the PEEX technology and progressing the patent application required an intense multi-year R&D effort. PowerChord were already claiming R&D tax credits when they were referred to us by a partner company. The management team came to Easy R&D to help them make the most of Powerchord’s third year of R&D tax credit claims. Initially they were concerned that the level of effort required to create an effective technical report and hit the necessary HRMC compliance standards would outweigh some of the benefits. 

Making it Easy

Our Easy R&D technical report writers, proven simple processes and our intuitive client portal helped Powerchord to expedite their R&D tax relief claim, compressing the process to just three weeks. This rapid-fire project, partnering with Powerchord on PEEX, delivered one of the largest R&D tax credit claims that we have supported, since our launch in 2014.


Easy R&D provides a very efficient and valuable service, both through their excellent and expert staff and their on-line portal which collates the required financial data.

Graham Tull

CTA, PowerChord

If you’re a small to medium company in the UK, you could also be claiming back up to £33 on every £100 spent on R&D. The work you do that qualifies for the R&D tax credits scheme — often embedded in the day-to-day running of your business — may surprise you.

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