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Lemongrass is a software-enabled services provider specialising in migrating and optimising SAP performance within cloud servers. Lemongrass’s R&D is focused on rapidly developing and testing operating systems that allow its business clients to operate historic SAP systems in hyper-scalable and hyper-efficient cloud environments.


The Challenge

Lemongrass have a history of innovation and testing as they develop advanced solutions for SAP cloud migration and management. But they were cautious about whether the R&D tax credit scheme was applicable to the work that they were doing. They wanted to bring in a expert advisor to help them to navigate and optimise any potential corporation tax credit claim.

The Solution

Our consultant team are proven in working with IT innovators and identifying the real eligible costs and activities that can be correctly claimed under the HMRC R&D Tax Relief scheme. We quickly identified the key areas that would allow Lemongrass to make a claim, including a number of activities that the customer had originally assumed were routine and non-eligible. The end result was a substantial tax repayment from HMRC that was significantly greater than the customer had initially anticipated.


As always the devil is in the detail…and the paradox is that to innovate is not necessarily to be undertaking R&D and in fact often the opposite is true: something that can seem at first glance to be quite routine can end up fitting the bill in R&D Tax Credit terms.

Walter Beek

CEO, Lemongrass Consulting

If you’re a small to medium company in the UK, you could also be claiming back up to £33 on every £100 spent on R&D. The work you do that qualifies for the R&D tax credits scheme — often embedded in the day-to-day running of your business — may surprise you.

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