Keelings & Jones Hunt

Sector: Accountancy

Keelings & Jones Hunt are a chartered tax accountancy firm. The company work closely with their clients and act for a broad range of both business and personal clients.

Alongside general accountancy services Keelings & Jones Hunt can also assist with business development and specialist tax services.

Keelings & Jones Hunt

The Challenge

Establish a high value white-labelled R&D tax credits service for Keeling Jones & Hunt, so they could offer a specialist R&D tax credit service, creating enhanced customer service and additional revenue opportunity, without investing in new talent or technical training.

The Solution

Easy R&D created simple to use R&D tax credit service that sits within their service portfolio adding value to a wide selection of Keeling & Jones Hunt customers. And the service is low maintenance for and simple for both Keeling & Jones Hunt and their clients with our specialist team doing all the heavy lifting on scientific reports and engagement with HMRC.

This service has not only extended the service mix and created new revenue streams, but has also acted as a differentiator in a highly competitive market. 

Keelings & Jones Hunt

We’ve not had any unsuccessful claims. There is no stress on the client, no stress on us and our clients are happy after often large windfalls of R&D tax credits.

Alf Del Basso

Partner, Keelings & Jones Hunt

The Easy R&D trusted partner programme allows you to offer a new high value, and expert R&D tax credit service to your clients. A simple to implement solution that unlocks extra capital for your clients and creates a recurring revenue stream for your business.

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