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Built in the 1600’s and taken over by the Elgood family in 1878, Elgood’s Brewery is led by Managing Director, Belinda Sutton, a fifth-generation family owner.

Their signature beer, Cambridge Bitter, had been around for 143 years when Belinda and her family team decided it was time to target into new markets. 

The untapped territory covered sour beers and a new portfolio of flavoured wheat beers for women beer drinkers with new strawberry, raspberry, mango, banana, apple, and cherry variants.

Elgoods Brewery

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When they started the project, Belinda and her team did not know they were undertaking work which HMRC classifies as R&D. But our team was able to help Elgood’s to identify that they were doing eligible R&D work - with all its attendant risks, trials and opportunities.

So far, we’ve helped Elgood’s claim over £150,000 in R&D tax credits. The money has been invested in a new visitor centre and opened up the brewery for weddings and events, creating a whole new revenue stream.

Many companies don’t believe they are doing R&D, including Elgood’s Brewery. The Easy R&D team identified the real scope of their R&D and unlocked substantial cash through HMRC’s R&D tax relief scheme. Find out your own potential claim by taking our R&D tax relief eligibility survey. There’s no obligation and only takes 3 minutes.

Elgood's Brewery

Easy R&D made everything so easy. They proactively identified costs and kept me informed throughout the whole process. There's no chance I would've attempted to claim R&D tax credits myself — even though I'm experienced in doing our company accounts.

If it wasn't for Easy R&D's help during the coronavirus pandemic, I'm not sure if we'd still be brewing today. 

Belinda Sutton

Managing Director, Elgood's Brewery

If you’re a small to medium company in the UK, you could also be claiming back up to £33 on every £100 spent on R&D. The work you do that qualifies for the R&D tax credits scheme — often embedded in the day-to-day running of your business — may surprise you.

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