EJ Electronics

Sector: Engineering

EJ Electronics is a manufacturer who specialises in ultrasonic cleaning. They bring 20 years of experience in this sector and reach a global market with their innovative solutions.

EJ Electronics’ goal developed several new solutions and improvements on ultrasonic cleaning units addressing specific market gaps. To do this required considerable research and development effort as they sought to improve the efficiency, speed and productivity of their solutions, creating even more value for their customers.

EJ Electronics

The Challenge

New regulation has been introduced, banning specific abrasive and harmful chemicals. As a result, EJ Electronics needed to find an alternative solution to overcome the ban.

Having acquired another Ultrasonic company, they were able to undertake a series of projects to design and manufacture a new suite of regulatory-compliant cleaning solutions.

In our first Discovery meeting, it became apparent that the EJ Electronics leadership were unsure if they would qualify. They were also not confident in the process required to make a successful R&D tax claim and optimise the results.

Partnering for a solution

Our expert R&D Consultant team worked alongside EJ Electronics to explain and assess all the activities which could qualify. Then, by undertaking a forensic investigation of each part of their operations we were able to identify a significant number of R&D Tax Relief qualifying activities. We started the claim process, by capturing all the necessary information on our cloud-based Claim Portal.

Our technical experts wrote all the necessary reports, and we submitted the claim to HMRC, on behalf of EJ Electronics.

The result 
EJ Electronics benefited from a two-year carry-back claim. Their successful claim allowed the company to reinvest in existing products and to expand their product range. 

The new ultrasonic units and cleaning tank systems have helped EJ Electronics acquire new clients including Specsavers and supplying a machine that was used to clean The FA Cup. 

EJ Electronics

We’ve been really happy with the service from Easy R&D and we’ve spread the word to other companies that could also benefit from a tax claim. With the money we received we’ve invested in more research and development, so we can stay ahead of the competition. 

Lee Elliott

Managing Director, EJ Electronics

If you’re a small to medium company in the UK, you could also be claiming back up to £33 on every £100 spent on R&D. The work you do that qualifies for the R&D tax credits scheme — often embedded in the day-to-day running of your business — may surprise you.

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