Easy R&D works with business owners and leaders looking to claim R&D tax credits from HMRC, but what qualifies is not always straightforward. Working in partnership with clients, Easy R&D’s specialist tax consultants maximise R&D claims while minimising the time required from the business.

With a single-minded focus on R&D tax credits, and a diverse team of UK-wide technical experts, Easy R&D goes the extra mile for clients so they can put more back into their business.

Our Mission

Easy R&D is on a mission to support innovative businesses by helping them to claim any tax relief they’re entitled to from the UK government’s R&D tax credits scheme. This helps to unlock resources to embed a culture of innovation.

Our Vision

We believe every small and medium-sized business in the UK deserves support to fulfil its potential, to be empowered to innovate and develop at its own pace.

Our Brand Values

We Value Collaboration

Our very reason for being is to help our clients claim what’s available to them, but we recognise that business leaders are busy doing what they do best – running their business. We want them to be rewarded for their hard work and innovation; we’re here, then, to help them maximise the generous R&D tax benefits that are available. Our expert consultants are curious about their business and how they innovate and this helps with identifying the qualifying R&D costs that are needed for the scheme. Our UK-wide consultants take time to flex around the client – including visiting them on-site. We hold their hand through the process to make it as simple as possible, and to minimise the time they need to spend dealing with paperwork. In turn, our expertise helps them to reinvest in their business and keep innovating.

We Value Quality

We have a single-minded focus on R&D tax relief, which helps us to ensure top quality work and intimate knowledge of the process. Our tax consultants oversee every claim which is processed. We are detail-oriented and thorough; we can identify the R&D costs which qualify for the scheme (and what qualifies may surprise you!), and help ensure clients are protected from any risk in the claims process. We pride ourselves on our 100% claim success rate, and wouldn’t have got there without paying attention to accuracy, efficiency and customer service.

We Value Honesty

When you’re dealing with HMRC on a daily basis, you need to have the full facts and be fully transparent. Our expert tax consultants know what can qualify for R&D tax relief, and are committed to ensuring the client receives the maximum claim value they are entitled to. We are here to support our clients’ businesses, and to do so we need to be able to have a frank conversation and be honest with each other – to have honesty on their side so that we can get valid claims through, and honesty on our side so we build a trusting relationship.

We Are Passionate

We know the HMRC scheme is not easy to understand, but we have the passion and right attitude to find out the relevant information to support a client’s claim. We work alongside our clients, forming a partnership; we want to understand the challenges they’ve faced so we can understand their R&D projects in more detail. We understand these claims can transform a business and make a difference to future investments; this motivates us to work hard and maximise claims. This transformation possibility is what drives us to help clients; it’s what makes us passionate.


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